GoldFein Claims Management – Diminished Value

WANT TO BEAT GOLDFEIN CLAIM MANAGEMENT? WE CAN HELP ALL POINTS BULLETIN Are you an insurance adjuster who received a demand letter from the Goldfein Claim Management company? If so, do you want to defeat them? We have the proven experience to defeating their inflated demands for Diminished Value as well as picking apart their valuation method at […]

North Carolina General Statute § 20-279.21 (d)(1) Diminished Value

NCGS 20-279(d)(1) Senate Bill GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTH CAROLINA SESSION 2009 SESSION LAW 2009-440 SENATE BILL 660 *S660-v-7* AN ACT TO PROVIDE AN ALTERNATIVE METHOD OF DETERMINING PROPERTY DAMAGES AS A PART OF MOTOR VEHICLE LIABILITY INSURANCE. The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts: SECTION 1. G.S. 20-279.21 is amended by adding a new subsection […]