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Are you an insurance adjuster who received a demand letter from the Goldfein Claim Management company? If so, do you want to defeat them?

We have the proven experience to defeating their inflated demands for Diminished Value as well as picking apart their valuation method at trial.

We’re already helping several carriers in debunking Goldfein’s unreasonable and unsupported appraisal reports.

How do they get cases?

Goldfein Claims Management indiscriminately combs through thousands of rental and off-lease vehicle accident records to provide their clients (leasing companies)  a percentage based appraisal that doesn’t match the actual damage severity. In most cases Goldfein has no idea what the mileage at loss was or the cost of repair!

As far as we can tell, Goldfien only has a copy of the police report and their appraisals are normally 20 to 30% the car’s pre-accident cash value.

In addition to self-appraising the loss (Independent Appraisal Guide), Goldfein attorneys make demands on behalf of their clients betting that it’s easier for carriers to pay them off than to litigate.

BMW financial services is Goldfein’s main client. This is a leasing company who alleges that vehicles they are selling at auction are losing thousands of dollars.


Most claims made by Goldfein are for very slight damage (<500 in PD), where the demand for Diminished Value is $10,000 to $14,000 (to stay under the $15,000 Mag court limit).

If you want to defend against Goldfein and his inflated demands, please call Tony Rached at 678-200-9069 and we will show you how to defend against these demands.

Tony Rached is an admitted expert witness in the matters of Diminished Value, he has testified more than three dozen times both for plaintiffs and insurers. His appraisal method has been found more times than not as the accurate diminished value amount my Georgia courts. For best results, hire the best expert.

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