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State North Dakota
Rule 75%
Law N.D.C.C. § 39-05-20.2

North Dakota Total Loss Threshold

39-05-20.1. Salvage certificate of title.

The department shall issue a salvage certificate of title for a salvaged or destroyed vehicle

when the owner of the vehicle has returned the certificate of title for the vehicle to the

department. The department shall prescribe the form and content of the salvage certificate of

title. The certificate must include a prominent notation that it has been issued for a salvaged

motor vehicle.

39-05-20.2. Issuance of salvage certificate of title.

  1. The owner of a vehicle that is damaged in excess of seventy-five percent of the

vehicle’s retail value as determined by the national automobile dealers association

official used car guide shall forward the title for that vehicle to the department within

ten days and the department shall issue a salvage certificate of title. Glass damage

and hail damage must be excluded in the determination of whether a vehicle has been

damaged in excess of seventy-five percent of the vehicle’s retail value.

  1. If a vehicle for which a salvage certificate of title has been issued is reconstructed, a

regular certificate of title may be obtained by completing an application for the

certificate. The applicant shall include with the application a certificate of inspection in

the form required by the department, the salvage certificate of title, and a five dollar

fee. The department shall place on the regular certificate of title and on all subsequent

certificates of title issued for the vehicle the words “previously salvaged” and a

notation that damage disclosure information is available from the department. The

department may not issue a new certificate unless the vehicle identification number of

the vehicle has been inspected and found to conform to the description given in the

application or unless other proof of the identity of the vehicle has been provided to the

satisfaction of the department.

  1. The certificate of inspection required under this section must be completed by a

business that is registered with the secretary of state, is in good standing, and offers

motor vehicle repair to the public. The business completing the certificate of inspection

may not be the business that reconstructed the vehicle and must state the vehicle is in

compliance with the requirements of chapter 39-21.