Maryland Total Loss Threshold

Maryland-Auto-Total-Loss-Threshold-By-Law 🔗 (pdf)

State Maryland
Rule 75%
Law Md. Code, Transportation § 11-152 (a)(1)

Maryland Total Loss Threshold

Md. Code, Transportation § 11-152 (a)(1)

(a)   “Salvage” means any vehicle that:

(1)   Has been damaged by collision, fire, flood, accident, trespass, or other occurrence to the extent that the cost to repair the vehicle for legal operation on a highway exceeds 75% of the fair market value of the vehicle prior to sustaining the damage, as determined under § 13–506(c)(4) of this article;

(2)   Has been acquired by an insurance company as a result of a claim settlement; or

(3)   Has been acquired by an automotive dismantler and recycler:

(i)   As an abandoned vehicle, as defined under § 25–201 of this article; or

(ii)   For rebuilding or for use as parts only.

(b)   For purposes of this section, a vehicle has not been acquired by an insurance company if an owner retains possession of the vehicle upon settlement of a claim concerning the vehicle by the insurance company.

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