Was your Car declared a Total Loss?

Don’t settle for what the insurance company is offering before talking to us!We are licensed auto appraisers and our job is to help you settle for what’s FAIR and collect what you’re truly owed. ALL 50 STATES.Not ready to order a full appraisal yet? you can start by requesting a claim review. This document will show what your car’s actual cash value is and you can upgrade to a full appraisal anytime.

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Claim Review

Send us the insurance market valuation (CCC, NADA, Audatex or JD Power-Mitchell) and we will review it and get back to you with our quote. This service is only $50 and the cost goes towards the full appraisal.

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After we review your claim and if the insurer is, in fact, offering you an unfair amount, we can provide you with a USPAP compliant car appraisal that you can use to challenge the insurer’s findings.We will also provide you with a demand letter to submit along with your appraisal. We will also assist you in negotiating and settling the claim under your policy’s appraisal clause (first party claims).

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On average, our valuations are between 5 to 15% more than CCC, Audatex or Mitchell. If the insurer is using reports from either one of these sources, your claim might be worth pursuing. Not sure? No problem, We offer a $50 claim review.

Total Loss Field Appraisals

Total Loss in-person inspections are only offered in Georgia, North Carolina and parts of South Carolina. The cost of this field appraisal is $275. Please call us at 1-877-667-2326 to schedule an insp…

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Georgia Code 120-2-52-.06

Total Loss Vehicle Claims Georgia Code 120-2-52-.06 If the insurer determines the insured vehicle to be a total loss, and the insurance policy provides for the adjustment and settlement of first par…

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Auto Flood Claims

Total Loss Claims for Flooded Vehicles. Was your vehicle in a flood or water damage? Do you know what you should do if your car is flooded? Is your insurance company fairly compensating you for your v…

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Loss of Use Calculator

Did you get a rental that’s lower in value than your damaged vehicle? Collect the difference between what your car’s daily use is worth and the rental car. What is the Loss of Use Calculator

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Charity Appraisals

Donating a vehicle that’s worth more than $5,000. Get a qualified IRS appraisal today.   By donating a vehicle to a charity, individuals can deduct the car’s fair market value from their …

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