Diminished Value Claims powered by Appraisal Engine


Alice is driving her beautiful new car when all of a sudden Eric who’s distracted rear ends her!

Oh no! Alice’s new car is now damaged. Eric’s insurance company gives Alice money to fix her car

Now Alice goes to sell her car after it’s been repaired

The dealer offers Alice $24,000 and tells Alice that he would have paid her $30,000 had the vehicle not been in an accident.

Only if Alice knew about this drop in resale value when the accident happened!

Alice tells the insurance adjuster, No! I will not accept this check, you still owe me Diminished Value

The insurance adjuster is surprised and quickly offers Alice $500 to settle. No! she says, my car lost a lot more in value

Where is your evidence? the adjuster asks.

Enter Appraisal Engine, a licensed and independent appraisal company that specialized in vehicle valuation reports.

Alice hires Appraisal Engine and for a flat fee, they provide her with a USPAP compliant vehicle appraisal. This is the evidence she needs to collect her true depreciation.

The adjuster, now faced with the evidence, settles the claim with Alice for a fair amount

If you’ve been in an Accident don’t accept the insurance company’s offer before talking to Appraisal Engine

Appraisal Engine. Settle for more.